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From: Todd
Subject: Georgia Passion 4Well it's been a long time since I wrote chapter 3. I've had some changes
in my life russian pedo tgp
and put this story on hold. I had a boyfriend pedophilia pics clips then broke up and
am still looking for a new one. Now my ex told me to complete this story so
I will. pedo porn top 100
Thanks Jon. You are an inspiration and I'll always love you.This story is based on experiences when I was in high school.
The characters are fictionalized people, this story is fantasy.
The names have been changed to protect the innocent, er, that is the guilty
participants. If you are too young to be reading pedo girl litle
this, go back to the
Disney web site. This story is about a sexual relationship between two
teenage boys. The author takes no responsibility for what happens if you
read this.
Just remember to wipe the monitor off.I woke the next morning and at first felt out of place because I was curled
up next to Tom. This was the first time I had ever shared a bed with
another person other than family. I album pedo child pics
could hear him breathe and felt his
back move while he did so. I had my usual morning wood and had to pee
really badly. I pulled away from tom and pulled the nude pretreen pedo pics covers back to get out
of bed. Tom rolled over and young cute girls pedo
moaned a little."Where are you going?" he mumbled"Gotta pee," pedo illegal pix
I said"Hurry up, I want you back here.""Ok, in a minute please."I got out of bed and relieved myself. Ken was still sawing logs. At least
it sounded that way. I crawled back into bed and cuddled up next to
Tom. He pushed back against me. I felt my morning wood returning. He ground
his ass against it. I rested my free hand on his hip as he did so. I
reached into he briefs and stroked his rock hard cock."Are you sure we should be doing this? Your brother is right over there!""It's ok, he sleeps like a log. He makes a lot of noise when he wakes up.""Alright, as long as he doesn't wake up."I continued to stroke Tom and he kept grinding into my cock. I nuzzled my
head against his neck. I started to lick his neck and then sucked on it
gently. He started to whimper some and I shushed him. His dick was hard
and leaking something fierce. The pre-cum was making it easier for me to
stroke him. He kept pushing back onto my cock and I thought I was going to
rip right through my underwear and his. I could feel the head of my dick
making contact with his cloth-covered asshole. I wanted access to his
hole. Tom reached back and grabbed my dick through my briefs. Then he
pulled them down some and started stroking me too. I pulled up and down on
his tool. I intensified the sucking on his neck. Then he pulled away from
me. I was worried that he wanted to stop. He let go of my cock and I
thought pedo sex download that this would be the end. Then he pulled down his briefs and
moved his ass back to my cock. There was no mistaking what he wanted. I
slid my dick up and down his almost hairless ass. I was now leaking pre-cum
like crazy. His ass crack was now well lubricated and we were pics de pedofilia starting to
make some interesting sounds when my cock slid back and forth. I didn't
want to force anything on him. I was having a great time just humping him
like thisThen Tom reached back and grabbed my cock. He pointed it at his cute little
rosebud and removed his hand. Then he pushed back on it real hard. My head
popped in and he grunted a little. I thought I was hurting him and tried to
pull back. He grabbed pedo funlumpkins girls pic my hip and kept me in him."Just go slow." He said."Are you sure this doesn't hurt?""No it doesn't, just pump slowly so I get used to it."I pulled back a little then pushed back in. I did this video nude pedo pedo tgp yo
about twenty times
or so until I was all the way inside him. It was the hottest, tightest
thing I'd ever been in with my dick. I started to slide in and out
slowly. I was about ready to come. I wanted to so very badly. I also wanted
this to last. I put my hand back on his dick. It had softened up some. I
stroked him back to full hardness while I was pumping in and out of him. He
started whimpering again. I told him to bite the pillow so that he wouldn't
wake Ken up. I picked up my pace, both with my hand and with my dick
pumping in and out. I knew I wouldn't last so I gave in and let go up his
ass. I almost cried out. It was so good. I kept my dick inside him. I was
still hard. I kept stroking him. After a minute I felt his asshole tighten
up around my cock. His dick became rock hard in my hand. I did a couple of
really fast strokes and finished him off. The feeling his ass made on my
cock right then was too intense. I pulled out of his ass. He whimpered
again. I could feel his cum all over my pedofilia video clips hand. I pulled my hand out and
looked at it. Then I licked it. I took my hand and wiped off some on his
smooth chest. Tom rolled over then and pedo gallery japan looked me in the eyes. I saw true
love in them. He leaned forward and put his lips to mine. I parted my lips
and let his tongue enter my mouth."Mmmm, so that's what I taste like.""Oh yeah, you taste really good. Next time I want to catch it all in my
mouth."I started to say more but he put his lips back against mine and I shut
up. I probed his mouth with my tongue. pedo tgp yo
I held him close to my body. Our
tongues dueled for a few minutes."I love you Tom""I love you too, Tom."
"How I wish I could stay here in your arms forever. Never have to go to
school. Never have to get a job. Just stay like this." I sighed."I know, I wish it could be that way."
Tom pulled his briefs back up and I did the same. Then we heard some noises
from Ken's bed. I rolled back over so I wasn't spooning next to Tom. I
held his hand and rubbed my fingers across the palm. After a few more
grunts Ken finally woke up. He got out of his bed and his morning wood was
straining his briefs. I eyed it for a second then feigned sleep so he
wouldn't notice me looking at it. Ken walked to the bathroom and closed
the door. Then Tom elbowed me." I saw that look. Quit staring at my brother.""Hey I was illegal pedophile pics just looking. Your dick is the one I want.""Fine then don't look again."Tom sounded a little hurt so I moved my hand from his and rubbed his
stomach."Ok I promise. Never again. I only want you."I heard footsteps outside the door and I quickly removed my hand from his
stomach. There was a knock at the door."Ok boys, rise and pedo vicky pics shine. Time to get ready for church." Tom's mother said
through the door. We all got malyshok pedo
our showers and went to the kitchen. Tom's
mom had prepared breakfast for us. Pancakes and sausage and orange
juice. And some grits too."Well tom, I'm not sure if you will like grits or not, so I won't be hurt
if you don't try some of them.""That's ok ma'am I think I will try some. Gotta become a southern boy
sometime."Ken told me to try it with honey and some butter on them. They were pretty
good that way. We gobbled down our food and talked about the upcoming
football game next week. We were playing Riverside academy. They had the
nickname of the "river rats". They had a pretty decent team so we were not
expected to win. Ken told me that pedo passwords xxx they had beaten our team every year for
the past 4 years. It was a private school for boys. They had a lot of pedo buyes kids pantyies boys
there that were sent by their parents to straighten up. Some of them were
pretty tough. I really wasn't looking forward to the game. Last year they
injured two of our players. I hoped that this year wouldn't be a repeat. We
went to church and the sermon was on mans relationship to God and how we
were created in his image and were given free will to decide our own
futures. It was quite different than the sermons I had heard at my old
church. They believed that we were all predestined to do whatever God had
planned for us and we couldn't change it. The preacher went on about how we
could make our own decisions about whether to do things the right way or
the wrong way and this was how God would judge us later. If japanese pedo site we made bad
choices in life and were bad people then we might not make it to heaven. He
also told us that if we made a mistake and were truly sorry for it and
asked for forgiveness then God would forgive us. Again this was quite
different from my old church. They believed you had to suffer for pedo buyes kids pantyies your
mistakes before God would forgive you. All in all it was a great sermon. I
learned a lot that day.I was sad when the sermon was over because now it was time for me to go
home and be away from Tom.Ken drove us back to my house and I said goodbye to them. My heart was
heavy but I knew that I would see Tom tomorrow at school. I was really
looking forward to school these days.More to come soon
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criticisms accepted, flames ignored
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